I’m Kelly Kuijpers, a health and wellness coach for women and girls.

That’s a great statement, but don’t be fooled. My personal struggles and journey towards more fulfilment brought me here.

I have very loving parents, but in my upbringing there was always a big focus on the way my sister and I looked. That made me feel that being pretty was something really important and that my parents oversaw who I really was. As a chubby child, I became very insecure, but belonging to the group was important to me so I acted as if I was very confident and cool. Deep down I was dealing with self-esteem issues – forming my limiting beliefs: I’m not good enough, who am I to stand out, I want to be seen, I must live up to the expectations of others – pleasing them and adapting who I am.

During my teenage years, I became emotionally attached to food.

I used junk food to compensate for my feelings of emptiness and loneliness. These habits stayed with me into adulthood. Some periods would go really well, especially when I had structure and balance, but others were more challenging.

In 2010, we moved abroad for my husband’s work and I had to quit my job as a secondary school teacher. I became a stay at home mum with my husband travelling a lot. Being on my own with two small children in a foreign country brought all my suppressed emotions and insecurities to the surface. That was a very difficult period. Over the years, I’ve done a lot of inner work to figure out where these insecurities came from.

With the help of a coach, I was able to reconnect with myself – with my values, goals and desires. I could clearly see that I wanted to help guide other women and girls to love themselves and their bodies, to feel empowered and live the life they want. This helped me take action. I immediately started an in-depth, two-year life-coaching training. Helping girls and women find more fulfilment in their lives is such a rewarding job.

To help myself and to gain more knowledge about food, I also decided to study nutrition. This helped shift my eating patterns to something relatively healthy. But the sugar cravings and emotional eating would still come up in stressful periods.  

Then I came across the WildFit 90 day challenge, the first health programme I’ve ever seen that is so focused on the behavioural psychology aspect of diet – the relationship you have with food. 

My husband and I took on the challenge; within 3 months we completely changed the way we eat, look and feel in our bodies. Every cell in my body screamed that WildFit was a perfect complement to helping other women create lasting change in their lives. 

Fast forward… here I am today:

  • Mum of three: Jip (2008), Pelle (2010) and Bo (2015)
  • Married to a wonderful man
  • Still living abroad
  • Having the best job in the world by helping women and girls find a way to trust and love themselves again
  • Living WildFit

All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them. Let’s work together towards a better you!

With love

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